The United Kingdom has distanced itself from the alleged financial impropriety leveled against a former Nigerian Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, by a member of its parliament, Tom Tugendhat.

The action followed a petition to the British Parliament by a group, Igbo for a Progressive Nigeria (IPAN) demanding details about the allegation.

Tugendhat had during the Westminster Hall debate on November, 23, 2020, accused Gowon of looting half of Central Bank of Nigeria while he (Gowon) held sway.

According to Tugendhat, “Some people will remember when General Gowon left Nigeria with half of the Central Bank, so it is said, and moved to London.”

Replying IPAN’s petition in a letter dated 21 December, 2020, and signed by a member of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Nigeria Unit, one Angela disclosed that Tom Tugendhat made the statement on his own personal capacity, and not for the British Parliament or United Kingdom.

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