Igbos for a Progressive Nigeria, IPAN, has expressed concern over some candidates of political parties ahead of the November 6 Governorship election.IPAN described some of the candidates as unfit for a political position as they are not trustworthy in character and in learning. 

IPAN took time to ex-ray the antecedent of all the candidates for public consumption, to enable them to select their leaders.

The first person in the first edition is Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, who has expressed determination to governor Anambra and transform the economy of the state.

The question is, if Dr Ifeanyi Ubah cannot transform his personal business, how then can he transform the economy of Anambra state?

Even though the senator recently claimed that he doesn’t owe any loans, IPAN has unearthed glaring evidence that he in fact owes AMCON more than N160 billion. This, the group finds not only disturbing but alarming.

There are also worrisome allegations that Dr Ifeanyi Ubah does not only owe almost all the banks in the country but has been blacklisted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).And as if that’s not enough,

IPAN recalled Senator Ubah’s allege fraudulent dealing with Dr Cosmas Maduka, Cosharis. Here are excerpts from Coscharis recent interview detailing the issue. Please kindly read to the end and then make your decision.

Shaka Momodu and Davidson Iriekpen interviewed the CEO of Coscharis at his Mazza Mazza office on how the business deal was struck and how it went from promise to bust. Excerpts:

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