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Call +234 816 462 5777 or email to explore ways you could collaborate with IPAN.
IPAN welcomes for collaboration, individuals and groups from Igboland, from other regions of Nigeria and from the international communities, as long as they share similar interests with us.
Call +234 816 462 5777 email to explore ways you could collaborate with IPAN.

Enlightening Ndigbo and putting an end to the political wilderness our people found themselves is the work of many. To pursue this goal, IPAN works collaboratively with many partners, including governments, private sector, international groups, academia, NGOs, socio-cultural groups, and other civil society groups.

IPAN has always relied on partnerships to drive our activities and, in support of achieving our objectives of attaining a one peaceful Nigeria, the social development of Igbo land, and ensuring that Ndigbo are part of the scheme of things in Nigeria, we are committed to working with a wide range of partners in new ways, including leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships, to better meet the social and political needs of Ndigbo, and leave no one behind.

Partnerships should contribute to shared objectives, and deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness. IPAN approach to partnering is rooted in strong principles and a consistent understanding of the value of partnership, and is responsive to the different strengths, weaknesses and needs of different partners.

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